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linsey Lane (left), Danielle Maybach (center) and Ashley Lane (right).

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I was inspired to start Magic Skincare after I was diagnosed with TMJ in my jaw, and my M.D. prescribed me biotoxin, or “botox” to paralyze my jaw muscles.  


Instead, I researched the medical benefits of CBD and made an appointment with a Compassionate Care Medical Doctor, who suggested I try a topical cream - something that was hard to find; smelled like a wet dog; and was too greasy for long hair.


I wanted something light and fluffy, that smelled delicious. So I began gardening at home and sourced the ideal high-CBD plant to grow. At harvest, I had the entire plant to infuse into full-spectrum oils and created the raw, vitamin-rich CBD products that I wanted for myself. 


Our first product, The “Magic” Cream worked wonders on my TMJ, and on my sister’s patients. Ashley Lane, a certified neuromuscular massage therapist used the cream regularly on those with chronic pain, who found the product so helpful that they became our first clients and first seed investor.  


Ashley's twin, our sister Linsey Lane, received her certificate in Best Manufacturing Practices from Cornell University, and runs our R&D kitchen lab, where all the magic happens. We were then joined by Akane Fukuda, who has been able to apply her expertise in the beauty industry and background in business to help us create a sustainable business model to bring Magic Skincare to market. Our vision is to build a mainstream luxury CBD skincare company, and take a small sister-run business to a national level.  


All of our products are non-psychoactive, non-toxic, free from pesticides and heavy metals, cruelty-free and vegan, so you can feel good inside and out. Because, we believe that beauty is a lifestyle. 


Nearly all of my personal beauty products have been replaced with Magic Skincare and we can’t wait for you to try our Magic Cream! 


Best Wishes, 



 Sister-Run Business  

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