Founder Danielle Maybach developed Eva’s Magic Healing Cream in her home kitchen with homegrown flower, after being prescribed by her physician a “topical” cannabis ointment that had the potential to heal her chronic neck pain.


It was then her quest for finding a perfect cannabinoid infused product began. However, she quickly realized there were not many products in the market that met her high standards. After an exhaustive search, dissatisfied with other products on the market, she decided to produce the finest cannabis skincare products herself. She blended hand extracted cannabinoids with pure and carefully curated botanicals, infusing full spectrum flower and other vitamin rich ingredients and created a healing cream that alleviate tension. 


As woman entrepreneur in the cannabis industry, she is building a team focused on policy and compliance to bring awareness of the health benefits of cannabinoids infused products.


Our daughter has TMJ, and we are exhausting all treatment modalities. The product sample you gave me when we first met was a big hit in my house.

Honored to support your brand!

It really is magic and I use it for everything from sore muscles

to mosquito bites

I can’t tell you how many jars I have given to friends.

I just tell it works for me.

California, USA

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