The finest cannabis skincare available

Natural whole-plant wellness - anywhere, anytime

Eva's Magical Products:

Eva's Magic Topical Healing Cream

What our customers are saying:

"Our daughter has TMJ, and we are exhausting all treatment modalities. The product sample you gave me when we first met was a big hit in my house.

Honored to support your brand!"


-Kirk Miller, MBA

10/10 people are overall happy

they tried Eva's Magic

10/10 people said they would recommend Eva's Magic to a friend

9/10 people are happy with the

scent of Eva's Magic

"I can’t tell you how many jars I have given to friends.

I just tell it works for me"

"I had more energy, was able to do projects easier, and my joints weren't as stiff"

"It really is magic and I use it for everything from sore muscles

to mosquito bites"

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